Jack Studio Theatre - Edgar Allan Poe Double Bill - An Interview with Adam Dechanel

Writer Adam Dechanel took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about The Fall Of The House Of Usher.  

We caught up with him on set...

What drew you to the project?
The idea of a double bill. Working with this team again and bringing my own take to the pieces. It was my idea, for example, to make the two plays link together...

What were you working on before?
I had written reworkings of The Jungle Book, Dorian Gray, Frankenstein & Jekyll & Hyde.

What is your role in the shows & how difficult is it juggling two very different styles?
I'd say 'storyteller' is my role and this was indeed a challenge. Simon's writing style is vastly different from my own. To tackle not just our styles but the vastly different plays, we worked together to make one play the reason for the other. To ensure we could create that bond between two plays on a script level we went back to the original writings, listened to the radio plays and watched the films that had been made across the decades.
Each take was unique and we incorporated many elements... but our idea of a link that bridges the pieces made them work as one something that had never been done before.

Who is your favourite character?
It's so hard to choose!
Roderick has THE best lines, he steals the show to be honest. I think the audience will have a tough time figuring him out. Then again I love Winthrop, he's thrust into this world of Poe's design and he's completely bewildered by it but determined to stay true to himself and his hearts desire.
If I really have to choose... I'm going to have to say Roderick, simply because he will keep you guessing.

Which of the shows is your personal favourite and why?
I have to say Usher simply because it is something completely new. It isn't a dying man dictating his last moments to an old acquaintance any more. With the addition of Red Death and what the entire team have done, it has become a completely different animal while staying true to Poe's roots.

What are you up to next?
Am I allowed to say? OK, The Time Machine! I can't say more just yet or I'll spoil it!

The Edgar Allan Poe Double Bill runs at Jack Studio Theatre 6 - 24 June 2017 at 7.45pm


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