From original scripts for stage, film and radio, to novels, short stories and picture books, we've always tried to diversify our publications.

The following is a short list in varying formats.

Publications: (In paperback format):

George The Germ*** (with Michael Cooney)

Aaagh Goes To The Moon***

Spooky Noises*** - also a musical & in Greek (published by New Editions)

Fantastic Adventures in the Land Of Wishful Thinking*** (with Michael Cooney)

Mr Dark***

The Return Of The Pink Chicken***

The Final Sponge Cake***

Countess & Cabbages*^ - also a musical

The Keeper*^

Towards The Light Fantastic. Part One: The Fight For Freedom**^

The Mr Dark Chronicles**^ (books one, two, three and four)


Towards The Light Fantastic. Part Two: Journey To Jaipur**^

Norman Under The Sea**

The 411The Bottom Line On Amhurst Road**

The Gifted – The Beast Within (Clockwork Comics/Angelic Inspiration Ent.)

Vanston Place - The Secret Adventures (OCC/SHF/Clockwork/Angelic Inspiration Ent.)**

The Timber Wharves Gang (OCC/SHF/Clockwork/Angelic Inspiration Ent/Cedar Centre.)**

Towards The Light Fantastic. Part Three: The Miracle Cure

Towards The Light Fantastic. Trilogy *

Mr. Dark Versus His Nemesis *

A Mother Speaks **

Ahab: The Voyage Of The Providence **

It’s Never Dull… Maxlife Book **

Ada Lewis & Women In Social Housing **

The Rise of Alex Avi *

*** Published by Sticky Buns Children’s Publishing Limited, * published by Simon James Collier
** published by The Okai Collier Company Limited, ^ has been available as download from Okai Collier web site:

Published (in digital format): In association with Angelic Inspiration Ent.

George the Germ

Spooky Noises

The Mr Dark Chronicles Book One: Mr Dark

The Mr Dark Chronicles Book Two: The Return of the Pink Chicken

The Mr Dark Chronicles Book Three: The Final Sponge Cake

The Mr Dark Chronicles Versus His Nemesis – Special Edition

Countess & Cabbages
The Keeper

Towards The Light Fantastic Part One: The Fight For Freedom

Towards The Light Fantastic Part Two: Journey To Jaipur

Norman & The Homeless

Norman Under The Sea

Adaptations / Original Works:

Viva O Carnaval

Spooky Noises [1996]

Countess & Cabbages [1996]

The Jungle Book

Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus

The Corruption of Dorian Gray

Jekyll & Hyde: Corpus Delicti


The Last Ever Musical

Spooky Noises [2015]

A Mother Speaks


The Masque of the Red Death

The Fall of the House of Usher

Madame X

The White Witch of Rose Hall

Countess & Cabbages [2017]

Mary Seacole in Many Lands

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