Jack Studio Theatre - Edgar Allan Poe Double Bill - An Interview with Harriet Main

To bring Masque Of The Red Death & The Fall Of The House Of Usher to life who better than Harriet Main? 
Despite the hectic schedule she answered some of our questions...

What drew you to the project?
The opportunity to be part of the creative process in helping to devise the shows and develop our own characters.

What were you working on before?

I was covering an old acting job, working on a site-specific piece of theatre wearing a Georgian dress and a wig.

What is your role in the shows & how difficult is it juggling two very different styles?

In Masque Of The Red Death I play Lady Stephanie and in The Fall Of The House Of Usher I play Ceclia Usher. I actually haven't found it too difficult juggling the two styles as we have a different director for each piece and it is therefore easy to separate the two and put aside one show when the other director walks into the room.

Who is your favourite character?
Please don't make me choose! I love Cecilia for her playfulness, but I love how Stephanie takes you by surprise in her strength and grit (she's a lot more powerful than she appears!)

Which of the shows is your personal favourite and why?
Probably Masque Of The Red Death because there are so many layers and subtleties to the characters that we have worked on, making them very satisfying to play. I've also really enjoyed working on the choreography that Omar has included.

What are you up to next?
Taking a well-deserved holiday to Morocco with Mum!

The Edgar Allan Poe Double Bill runs at Jack Studio Theatre 6 - 24 June 2017 at 7.45pm

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